Transport and construction services:

The Transport and Construction Services Bernard Baranowski was registered in the Municipality Office in Stare Czarnowo on 17-01-1992 on the basis of the Business Activity Register. Bernard Baranowski is the owner.


The Transport and Construction Services Bernard Baranowski provides the following services:

  • contracting for road construction
  • site grading
  • humus collection
  • soil exchange
  • soil stabilisation
  • open pits
  • embankments
  • industrial floor bases
  • wide excavations and trenches
  • foundation excavations
  • remediation services
  • sales of aggregates with transport
  • demolition and dismantling works
  • stripping of road concrete layers, sites and other objects
  • construction equipment rental
  • truck, lorry and guide bar rental
  • low loader ser rental
  • reception of waste other than hazardous waste
  • concrete grinding
  • sales of ballast (concrete, brick, stone), gravel, sand and gravel mix, black soil, backfill sand, washed sand 0-2 mm and 0-4 mm,
  • we have certificates for reception of non-hazardous waste.
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